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How worried should the Mets be about Jacob deGrom’s shoulder, now and into the future? He is the best pitcher in baseball, and he’s somehow pitched better when he’s been on the mound of late. It’s just been a while now since you could breathe while deGrom was pitching, given the way his 2021 was interrupted by tightnesses throughout his body, eventually ending with three months on the injured list with a forearm injury. First off, deGrom’s diagnosis is a stress reaction and not a stress fracture.... ... [Read More]

Over the past 16 months, as he navigated one setback after another, Warriors’ center James Wiseman heard some variation of the same advice from coaches and teammates: “Focus on the big picture.” Though his short-term outlook was upsetting, Wiseman still has a chance. If all goes as planned, no one will be talking about his rough start. Though Wiseman has been shut down because of swelling in his right knee, some might wonder: When will things finally start going as planned for him? ... [Read More]

Mike McGlinchey and Javon Kinlaw are recent first-round picks by the 49ers who play in the trenches. And the right tackle and defensive tackle now share another connection: Both are in the early stages of lengthy rehabs after undergoing recent surgeries for leg injuries. Head coach Kyle Shanahan said Friday that both players’ procedures went “real well”... ... [Read More]

TRUE. Studies show that female athletes are more prone to stress fractures than male athletes due partially to a decrease in bone density called "female athlete triad." Basically, a combination of things, phenomenon, and conditions can happen to women, resulting in a loss of bone and weakening of the bones - extremes in dieting or exercise, eating disorders, menstrual dysfunction, and premature osteoporosis. As bone mass decreases, the chance for stress fracture increases. ... [Read More]

After trying all the nonsurgical treatments for relieving pain, it’s a very common surgery to replace the shoulder (otherwise known as, the Ball and Socket joint). One of the most successful surgeries performed today, total shoulder replacement surgery has a very high rate of positive outcomes and improved recovery with a smooth adjustment into daily life. In the 1950s doctors in the US came up with a way to treat severe shoulder fractures ... [Read More]

KTLA-TV Ch. 5 Interviews Dr. Trong Nguyen: Kawhi Leonard Undergoes Knee Surgery. Dr. Nguyen explains a partial ACL tear - "It's like stretching out your elastic waist band around your sock. You will pull it, but it will stretch out first and then it will tear. Often, in a partial tear setting, the remaining fibers don't really work like they are supposed to, and you end up doing a regular ACL re-construction." on June 14, Kawhi Leonard suffered a right knee sprain in game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinals against the Utah Jazz after a fourth-quarter foul ... [Read More]

On June 14, Kawhi Leonard suffered a right knee sprain in Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals against the Utah Jazz after a fourth-quarter foul in transition by Joe Ingles. Leonard would miss two free throws, stay in for a full defensive possession, stay in after a timeout, then make two free throws. I had a conversation with Trong Nguyen, MD, sports medicine specialist and orthopedic surgeon at MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center in Fountain Valley, CA this week to discuss Leonard’s medical situation ... [Read More]

It’s been discussed a lot over the past few days, but Franklin Pérez is hurt again, and this time, he is finally having surgery. Pérez, once the prime return piece in the Justin Verlander trade, went on the injured list with a “right shoulder capsule defect” before visiting Dr. Neal ElAttrache in Los Angeles. the Tigers announced that Perez will have surgery, and Pérez was also waived as a means of being removed from the 40-man roster before re-signing with the Tigers on a Minor-League deal. Pérez’s injury history has included a Lat Strain, right shoulder capsular inflammation and arm weakness ... [Read More]